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How Do I set my curls?

After cleansing and, conditioning leave hair SOAKING WET prior to applying gel. Flip

head over and smooth hair with fingers or wet brush next take a palm size amount of Gel

with head still flipped over cup hair and scrunch using upward motion toward the scalp. Do

this motion all over head until gel has been adequately applied to the hair. With a cotton

cloth or microfiber towel squeeze out excess water at this time. Flip head back and gently

bring the curls into place without disturbing curl groupings. Finally diffuse or let air dry!


For fine/wavy/s’wavy hair diffuse hair before flipping back to get more root lift and, more

curl definition. If you like your hair to air dry just apply the clips to the roots to get more lift.

• How do I diffuse my hair?

Use a ionic blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. Ionic blow dryers protect the hair from

heat. With your head flipped over use the diffuser with the same upward motion as

applying the gel. Dry your hair with just the diffuser NO HANDS! NOTE: diffusing all the

way with your head flipped over gives you a fuller curl and more root lift

• What is the difference between towel drying or using a paper towel or cotton t­shirt?

Towels are too absorbent for gentle fabric like hair. They cause friction and tend to leave

knots a microfiber towel or cotton t­shirt will provide a flatter and smoother surface

absorbing just enough water to allow the styling products to set curls and keep them intact

• Which Deva styling product should I use to give my curls more volume?

B’leave in curl boost and volumizer will add luster and body to your curl apply in wet hair

before the gel

Frizz free foam is great for more fine hair just apply in wet hair before the gel

Flex hold hair spray is great for stubborn hair that wont get any body at the root just spray

a little with your hair flipped upside down in the root area NOTE: does leave hair a bit

crunchy but still feels good

NOTE: for short hair apply set up and above just to the roots of the hair

How do I style my hair the next day?

The night before use a cotton scrunchie to put a high ponytail on the top of your head this

protects the curl from tangles and frizz while sleeping. Let your hair down the next day

and apply Mist­er right our lavender curl revitalizer and just scrunch and go!

What product can I use for extremely dry/damaged hair?

Heaven in hair! It’s our deep penetrating conditioner. This product is versatile you can use

it as a leave in or rinse out best of all it can replace the styling cream! NOTE: to use as a

styling cream after cleansing replace one­condition with heaven in hair apply all over rinse

out. Squeeze out excess water re­apply heaven in hair scrunch like you would with the

gel. Use microfiber towel or cotton t­shirt at this time. Diffuse or let air dry!

Which product is best for color treated hair?

Our Deva­Care line is formulated with more vitamin­C to protect against the sun from

oxidizing the hair too much.

What can I use for corkscrew, fractal or zig zag curls?

With the deva line the Gel is extremely water soluble so with the tighter curls the hair feels

very dehydrated the gel doesn’t always work so we have the Deva Styling cream! Its

heavier and will hold the curl while giving it shine and hydration

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