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When you think of the brand Dove you think of their amazing real beauty campaign that launched in 2004? They changed the game instead of using “perfect” tall skinny models they used real women in all shapes and sizes. They started a trend that is refreshing and much needed in today’s world where we are constantly being put down by these impossible beauty standards. Well once again, Dove does not disappoint! They have launched yet another awe inspiring campaign only this time it is for curly hair! In their commercial for this new product you see young, beautiful, curly haired girls being interviewed about their curly hair and what they hate most about it. Aisha age six says “I want to have my hair straight because, when you hair is straight it’s really smooth.” If that wasn’t enough to make you tear up how about what Angelyce, age nine, who says “That feeling makes me sad sometimes, to leave out my hair.” Dove then gives us all a challenge stating the best way to change how they feel about their curls, is to change the way you feel about yours. Can we all say light bulb moment! We forget that our young ones watch us every day as we smooth, straighten and, keratin our “coily” locks. Dove wants to make hating curly hair a thing of the past by reinforcing positive outlooks on our hair. With the help of friends and family’s we can change the way we see curls! I challenge you to watch the commercial see if you can’t get through without shedding one tear, I know I couldn’t! Thank you Dove for being on team natural! Watch the full commercial here:

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