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How-to-Style-Curly-Hair-4Do you find that your curls define who you are? If you’ve got curls and you are not ashamed to show ‘em – you are not alone! More and more “curly girls” are opting to have their curls be the litmus test for their relationships as well as their stylist. First, a good stylist is hard to find and second, so is a good relationship! But seriously both have a common theme – neither should want you to change your naturally curly hair to suit them. So you may have to shop around for just the right one of each!! It may take some research to find just the right curly hair stylist, and beware there are some out there that are not experts in curly hair. If they want to cut your curls wet or use a blow dryer, they aren’t the real deal, so move on. And if your significant other suggests a straight look for you, it may be time to rethink that relationship!

All kidding aside – curly hair is serious business. Blowouts and stock straight hair may have been all the rage for a while but fads come and go. (You may have noticed recently some very prominent celebrities have let their curls define THEM!) Curly hair as we know, lasts forever, especially if you treat your curls right. So whether you have ethic curly hair; Botticelli, Corkscrews, S waves or something in between or even over the top curls and you just love them; keep them, treat them right with Deva Curl products and let the others be jealous that their hair isn’t curly too!!

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